Skinny Black Bean Brownies

By Mariella Forte | 16 Oct 2017 | RECIPES

I spent quite a while faffing around with this recipe. Do I cut out flour completely and just use beans – yes! Will it be sweet enough with only dates to sweeten it especially if we’re using dark chocolate? The resulting brownie recipe is gluten-free, dairy-free and no added sugar.

Since I moved with Skinny Bakery HQ to St. John’s Wood a few weeks ago, I decided it’s time for me to get back to basics and start experimenting in the kitchen again.

A few things you should know about my baking philosophy.

  1. This is not a gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan or sugar-free bakery. Although you will find elements of these here, the focus of The Skinny Bakery is on making cakes with less calories that you wouldn’t think twice about eating. I hate to use the expression as its becoming corny and so over used but … “guilt-free” cakes best describes what you will find here.
  2. I don’t do ‘cups’ – can’t stand them. I can barely do ml’s – you will notice I often state measurements of eggs, essences, milk, water and so on in grams. Don’t get me started on cups of butter or bras for that matter – I don’t know who invented these but they all suck.
  3. I bake virtually everything at 175°c in a fan-assisted electric oven. I find the oven too hot at 180°C and I like my cakes to take their sweet time in the oven. Your oven is so important – I once baked a cake in a gas oven on 180°C and it was basically raw in the middle and grilled on top. Your oven may need adjusting compared to my recipes – you know your oven!
  4. Use the best quality ingredients you can afford and source. I’m a firm believer in simplicity and good quality. The BF recently converted me to buying organic, it does taste a lot better quality.
  5. Baking is a science, please play around with it at your own risk 🙂


FOR THE BROWNIES – Serves 15 (158 calories | 7g fat (3g sat fat)| 11g sugar each)

You will need:

  • 500g hydrated black beans (I pre-soak mine the night before and boil as per the instructions)
  • 170g melted dark chocolate
  • 20g organic cocoa
  • 220g whole organic eggs
  • 150g chopped dates
  • 20g chopped cashews
  • 1/2 tsp bicarbonate of soda


STEP 1: Blend all your ingredients with a stick blender, I use Braun.

STEP 2: Spray your brownie pan with fry light, smooth the mixture into the pan and sprinkle with cashews (almonds, walnuts, pecans all work well)

STEP 3: Bake on 175°c for 20 minutes and munch (if you’re like me and like ’em gooey)

P.S. Top tip: This has absolutely nothing to do with baking but use hairspray to remove biro from shellac nails – happened to me today and I can’t tell you how grateful I was to the person who told me #goodkarma ?

-Please note all recipes are my own and property of The Skinny Bakery Ltd. If you wish to share them, please credit us – thank you!- Mariella Forte, founder, The Skinny Bakery