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In conversation with Laura Sliaz

Published on 08/04/2021

Last year here at skinny Bakery we set up our Ambassador programme, in the hopes of creating a like minded social family as obsessed about healthy treats as we are. The response has been overwhelming and given light to some truly remarkable individuals creating some beautiful food based imagery.

One such person is the highly creative Laura Sliaz whose vivid superfood creations are a wonder to behold. Incorporating naturally sourced food supplements to develop anything from hot pinks to indigo blues, Laura’s plates of food really do look out of this world.

Our Head of Marketing Emily had the opportunity to interview Laura, to find out what inspires this artistic recipe creator to do what she does.

Emily : Thank you for taking the time to answer some questions for us. Your Instagram is a riot of brightly coloured tasty looking creations, what inspired you to share your love of healthy food and photography?

Laura : Thank you for inviting me. I started looking into healthy eating and healthy life styles when a very close person to me got sick and made his transition around 12 years ago. Everything really started from those initial investigations into why we get sick and the understanding that food is a big part of our immune system. I have always been a foodie, loving sweet things the most but I try to avoid refined sugars and gluten.

My page started around 2 years ago when I just started posting simple breakfast ideas, the food I was eating every day. The colours came about, because I have always liked the “land of Unicorns”. I have been using super foods for years, but eventually found some more colourful ones that give those bright unicorn looks.

I used to live in Italy for many years where occasionally I worked as wedding and fashion photographer. 2015 I moved to London and had to put the photography away. I was missing it so one day just started documenting my recipes. The more I did it the more followers, likes and lovely messages I was getting. That inspired me to keep creating. Soon several companies started inviting me for collaborations. The times we are living in now are not easy from many points of view, but I can definitely see that my creations can brighten my followers days up. It is about my happiness and creating happiness for others.

E : The natural food additives you use in your creations make for stunning photographs, but what inspired you to start using them in your diet?

L : I have been using super foods like spirulina, turmeric, and maca powder for years, but personally found the green spirulina or turmeric doesn’t taste so great. Thats when I came across blue spirulina. It doesn’t have that same unpleasant muddy taste and also adds such a vibrant natural colour. I don’t use any colours that are not natural for my recipes. I have also found Butterfly Pea Flower that gives a blue colour but if you add a squeeze of lemon it magically transforms to purple. Pink Pitaya, is pink and comes from the dragon fruit whilst Dunaliella Salina gives an amazing bright yellow. It is not just for colour, these super foods can have amazing health benefits as well as being rich in nutrients and fibre. Keeping my body healthy is always important for me, that’s why I add these amazing powders to my daily recipes.

E : What has been your favourite creation to date both visually and from a taste point of view?

L : I am always trying to find the best combination between healthy and delicious. Some of my experiments taste better than others and I just keep trying. I’ve never followed any sort of recipe, just used what I have in my kitchen, believing things need to be easy and quick to make.

I have few favourite recipes that I just keep making, or my friends keep requesting when I come for dinner. Definitely one of my favourites are protein bites. I make them quite often to keep in the fridge for a healthy snack or quick bite when I don’t have time to make a full meal. For special occasions I make them covered in chocolate. That gives you a satisfaction of eating a sweet. All my creations are refined sugar free. I normally use stevia or some dried fruits like prunes that are also high in fibre, not just giving sweetness.

E : What do you get up to when not taking fantastic foodie photos and coming up with delicious creations?

L : My life is a pretty busy one. I have a day job that has nothing to do with photography, food or creation. Also I have a lot of routines that involve studying everything that has to do with human mind, our potential, consciousness, mindfulness. I also read a lot, do yoga and breathing exercises as well as Hiit and Zumba work outs. Daily workouts give me more energy and a better mood.

My other passion is traveling. Whenever I can, I get my suitcase together and go. One day I would like to travel around the world. It is so interesting seeing different people, tasting different foods and using my photography skills to document it all.

E : What advice would you give to someone interested in food photography?

L : If you have passion for it, just do it. The knowledge and improvement comes with time. You need to find your own style, so people can recognise you but there are so many tutorials and courses if you want to get better. Knowing just few a photography rules you can make good looking pictures. The most important thing is to be passionate about what you are doing. I am a self taught photographer who spent many nights studying online and putting what I was learning into practice. After I became brave enough to show my skills I managed to find a part time job in wedding and fashion photography for a couple of studios in Rome.

Technology improves not by years but by weeks, so to take good pictures is becoming much easier. You can do amazing foodie pictures with just your phone, so if your excuse is not having money for a professional camera it doesn’t need to be anymore. You could just buy a couple of panels to make a small set, a couple of props, use natural day light (that’s what I do), create your food, and you are good to go. One important thing to know, you will end up eating your food cold by the time you’ve finished shooting!

E : And finally, if you could get your hands on Skinny Bakery for a day what Pearl would you create?

L : I really liked trying Skinny Bakery Pearls and enjoyed that they are low in calories and lower in carbs whilst also tasting great.

If I could create a special edition that would be definitely something from the unicorn family. I could almost see them in my mind being between pink, purple and green with a heart of dark chocolate cream and some golden flakes on top, I would also make them with stevia instead. Those would be my rainbow Pearls. Let me know when you make them, I would love to try them 🙂

For more information about Laura and her spectacular creations, you can find her on instagram as @healthylifestyle_ls

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