Edible Christmas Decorations

By Mariella Forte | 1 Dec 2017 | RECIPES

This year my tree is different shades of gold and white. Champagne gold, rose gold, pearlescent and plain white. As beautiful (and random) as my Christmas tree decorations are this year (think golden packs of popcorn to polar bears), I’m a big fan of decorations that you can eat. In fact, if I had it may way, everything would be edible. You can spend an absolute fortune on decorations that come out once a year, and I’m all for a bit of DIY. Christmas in my opinion is about spending time with and making time for family and friends. So these thrifty decorations make great token gifts this Holiday season, and cost pennies to make.


You will need:

  • Small pack of white ready roll icing (Dr. Oetker is a readily available brand but the supermarket own brand sort will do the same job)
  • A rolling pin
  • Christmassy cookie cutters (or whatever other holiday shape your heart desires)
  • A pen lid or other 3-5mm hole
  • Baking paper
  • Twill or thin ribbon

STEP 1: Roll your white icing to 3mm thickness.

STEP 2: Cut your shapes out and cut a small hall for hanging them at the top. Let your shapes dry on the baking paper overnight.

STEP 3: Thread the twill or ribbon through and you’re ready to roll! Get decorating.

P.S. Top tip: Get creative – I’ve cut shapes out of my shapes and done various Christmas shapes. You could make these for valentines day and use them for gifting.