GF Banana Flapjacks

By Mariella Forte | 6 Oct 2012 | RECIPES

Flapjacks are very British. Tell an American you’re making flapjacks and they’ll look at you pretty confused and possibly expect pancakes. Most countries have granola bars and other cereal bars but nothing quite as British as the flapjack, full of sticky golden syrup, lashings of brown sugar and butter with just enough room to throw in a few oats at the end. We’ve mastered it. But.. it’s also super unhealthy so you’ll see our Skinny version, a recipe we developed for Women’s Health Magazine, has a lot of substitute ingredients from banana to agave. Try this autumnal recipe this weekend whilst feeling patriotic and reminiscing about school child days. Ooh, and feeling a bit smug that its a healthy version.

FOR THE FLAPJACKS – Serves 9 (164 calories | 4g fat (1.4g sat fat)| 10g sugar each)

  • 50g fructose
  • 25g unsalted butter
  • 25 agave
  • 50g GF flour
  • pinch xanthan gum
  • 1/2 tsp bicarbonate of soda
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 200g GF jumbo oats
  • 140g ripe banana
  • 2 tbsp cold water

STEP 1: Melt the fructose, butter and agave in a saucepan.

STEP 2: In a separate bowl combine the flour, sodium bicarb, baking powder, oats and xanthan gum. Add to the melt mixture and give them a good stir.

STEP 3: Mix in all the remaining ingredients and bake in a 9 inch square tray for 20 minutes.

P.S. Top tip: Enjoy warm, straight from the oven with a dollop of Swedish Glaze dairy free ice cream!

– Please note all recipes are my own and property of The Skinny Bakery Ltd. If you wish to share them, please credit us – thank you!- Mariella Forte, founder, The Skinny Bakery

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