Mission Statement

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This London based food company was established in 2013 by Mariella Forte. With a vision to produce delicious, healthy baked goodies at a fraction of the calories of leading brands, Mariella has taken her passion for baking healthy cakes and carved out a clear place for The Skinny Bakery in the healthy snack market.

Skinny Bakery creations contain 40% less calories, 60% less fat and 30% less sugar than leading brands of regular baked treats. This is achieved by substituting high fat and sugar ingredients with natural sweeteners, fruits, veggies and low fat dairy. You will commonly find tofu, sweet potato and soya yoghurt on the ingredients list of these sweet treats, albeit you would never guess these ingredient swaps from the taste of the products. 

Born and raised in West London, Mariella began baking at around 13 years old as a form of therapy. She studied Philosophy at UCL and was keen to have her own business one day. Inspired by Skinny Latte’s and with a keen interest in the science behind baking, Mariella experimented endlessly to discover delicious baked recipes which contain a fraction of the calories. She began selling her wares around London offices and salons. Feedback on her cakes was so positive that she decided to get her own kitchen and The Skinny Bakery was born. Now available from various outlets across the UK, The Skinny Bakery is going from strength to strength. Mariella’s story was documented by Facebook in their series ‘She Means Business’ and was covered by the Daily Mail. The Skinny Bakery’s client list includes celebrities Little Mix, Dita Von Teese and Yasmin Le Bon as well as notable corporate names – Google, Louboutin, New Balance to name a few. Her biggest passion being recipe experimentation and creation, founder Mariella Forte has developed recipes for the likes of Women’s Health Magazine, T-Sugars and PT Magazine.

Skinny Bakery now has 12 products in the signature range, plus limited edition lines that change as Mariella tries out new recipes and ingredients. Offering classic flavours with a twist to provide an indulgent taste but a lighter and healthier version, Mariella swaps high fat cream cheese for quark, chocolate ganache frosting for tofu and low fat yoghurt and sweetens with fruit puree and dates to avoid over use of refined sugar. Although Skinny Bakery packaging is 100% recyclable, the tubs containing these delicious treats can be upcycled for a multitude of uses including lunchboxes, seed planters and arts and crafts. Typically containing only 30-40 calories per piece and portioned into resealable grab and go packs, Skinny Bakery cakes make perfect snacks for everyday indulgence.

Founder Mariella Forte

What’s the Skinny?

“Are they just tiny?” we hear you ask! Our Skinny treats contain 30% less sugar60% less fat and 40% less calories compared to leading supermarket equivalents per 100g*. We achieve this lighter nutritional profile by using fruits, vegetables, tofu and low fat dairy in place of calorific ingredients like butter and cream. We hope you’ll agree that our generously portioned Skinny treats taste as delicious as their full fat counterparts per 100g. Let’s take a look at how they compare (clockwise from left to right: Skinny Chocolate Pearls vs chocolate cupcakes, Skinny Brownies vs regular brownies, Skinny Red Velvet Pearls vs Red Velvet Cupcakes, Skinny Lemon Pearls vs Lemon Cupcakes).