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Choose any 6 packs of bestselling sponge cakes, cookies & brownies. Perfect as a gift or simply for keeping a stash in your freezer, this box contains six packs with 5 or 6 pieces per pack. Simply enter a quantity next to each flavour (6 in total otherwise an error message will appear). Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Add To Basket”. Choose your delivery date up to 3 months in advance from the drop down calendar at checkout.

Our products contain 40% less calories, 60% less fat and 30% less sugar compared with leading brands. Made without artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners, they can be enjoyed as part of a healthy diet every day. Find them on My Fitness Pal and the WW & SW apps.


Doughnuts, Pearls & Brownies: Store in a cool, dry place until best before date shown. To keep fresher for longer store in the fridge, below 5°C. Suitable for home freezing, freeze on day of purchase and consume within 2 months.

Cookies: Store in a cool, dry place until best before date shown.

  • Chocolate Pearls

    Pack of 5 chocolate sponge cakes with a chocolate frosting centre

    In stock

  • Carrot Pearls

    Pack of 5 carrot sponge cakes with a cream cheese frosting centre topped with nibbed walnuts

    In stock

  • Cookies and Cream Pearls

    Pack of 5 cookies and cream flavoured sponge cakes with a white chocolate frosting centre

    In stock

  • Millionaire's Pearls

    Pack of 5 biscuit flavoured sponge cakes with a chocolate and date caramel dual frosting centre

    In stock

  • Meringue Cookies

    Pack of chocolate meringue cookies with a chewy centre

    In stock

  • Chocolate Brownies

    Pack of 5 rich chocolate brownies topped with flaked almonds

    In stock

  • Red Velvet Pearls

    Pack of 5 sponge cakes with a cream cheese frosting centre

    In stock

48 reviews for Bestseller Box

  1. hawkins.cheryl43 (verified owner)

    Excellent value and it great you can choose which products you want to try will definitely be ordering again

  2. Sharon Marshall (verified owner)

    Great way to try out a range of products – but still difficult to know which ones to pick as they all look (and taste!) so yummy. We have already been back for more!

  3. SAHAR SYED (verified owner)

    I bought this for my friend a few weeks ago and she loved the cakes so much I purchased it for myself. Now considering a regular subscription. I have been following a strict healthy eating regime and these treats are guilt free and hit the spot. They are so delish!

  4. claire logan (verified owner)

    Great option to try the range

  5. owain Harries (verified owner)

    Loved it. Well worth it. Will be buying again.

  6. Sana sajid (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this selection. Its difficult to choose from soo many delicious flavours. Lets you choose all your favourite ones

  7. hanna.yeoy (verified owner)

    First time buyer. Will def be back for more. Delicious and really help with the sweet craving. Nice to feel like you can have a treat and not feel guilty.

  8. mel183029 (verified owner)

    Tiny pots of happiness is a way to describe this bestseller box. Do you still feel hungry afterwards? I’d say yes but if you’re on slimming world, they’re a nice little option to have say one with a coffee for 2.5 Syns . Takes the edge off and if you want to indulge the whole pot, 10 Syns as a weekend treat. They taste amazing – my favourite flavour being the raspberry and white Chocolate flavour (limited edition). The packaging is beautiful and recyclable and Skinny Bakery update you with your order details and how to look after the food so it retains it’s just made freshness. Please support this company – especially through times like this. Step away from the overly sugary, highly calorific cheaper big brands and give these guys a chance. You can freeze the products for up to 2 weeks after arrival so you can dip into treats as and when you need / have Syns etc to indulge. The only reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 is because I always want more afterwards!

  9. Joanne Lilley (verified owner)

    What’s not to like about a variety of lovely cakes that don’t have many calories! I kept a couple of tubs out & froze the others, to stop me eating too many. Every one I’ve tried so far has been lovely.

  10. Tassia Agatowski

    Hungry for sweet treats but don’t want the high fat/sugar content. Buy these. Just try not to eat them all in one sitting! Highly recommend freezing sone of them so you can ration them better than I did 😂

  11. Deborah Harkness (verified owner)

    Great selling and like the fact they can be frozen. Ideal for my sweet fix

  12. Chelsi Jones (verified owner)

    Love these so much, this selection is perfect for trying a variety of different flavours. They’re the perfect sweet treat without all of the added calories, will definitely be ordering again!

  13. Ian McFadyen

    Really enjoy receiving my skinny cake box each month. The flavours are all good but particularly like the carrot cake!

  14. Sana sajid (verified owner)

    Every single flavour was delicious. Love the choice. I could live of these. Taste better than other treats that contain 100 times more calories.

  15. josephine.metcalf (verified owner)

    Bought as a random present for daughter. Communication very good re delivery slots (vital as this was going to a different town to mine). REcietient pleased with variety and chocolate flavours in particular. A great way, at a very reasonable cost, to try a selection and pick a favourite

  16. Mundana Adamo (verified owner)

    Great idea to try them out! A not so guilty pleasure

  17. Louise Licourinos (verified owner)

    Amazing taste, really great flavours and excellent customer service too! I’m being really good and sticking my to weight loss plan but I have a really sweet tooth so these are just what I need!

  18. Jackie Smith (verified owner)

    Excellent way to taste a few different flavours, all tasted amazing x

  19. julieg1410 (verified owner)

    This was my first order from Skinny Bakery and I was a little sceptical to be honest. Paid a little more than I would for treats like this but the low calorie factor was a strong pull. Impressed with the delivery and although they’re small they do the job. I usually have a couple a day as a treat, sometimes with berries or fat free yoghurt or quark. You feel like you’re having a dessert but with nowhere like the calories. I would order again but as a treat. I would like to see these in a supermarket, then no postage and more cake!

  20. Hayley Williams (verified owner)

    Love these

  21. Sandra Rose (verified owner)

    First time order was hugely impressed, as I am calories counting these were a very good substitute.
    I like this bundle as I could order what I wanted to.
    We definitely be ordering again.

  22. Katy Lawry (verified owner)

    What a bargain! So many boxes of skinny treats, which do not taste skinny at all! My tastebuds were well and truly tricked in to thinking I was being extremely naughty xx

  23. nuttiechick (verified owner)

    As a new customer this was the beat way to try a few different ones without even thinking about it. They tasted alot better than I expected and were very moist. They didn’t last long so not sure how long they stay moist. I’m not keen on butter cream but these were lovely. 2nd order gone in for next lot. X

  24. tabby.15 (verified owner)

    Really good tasting cakes without the guilt!!! Love them and have ordered again, this is a great value package too x

  25. nworsley0201 (verified owner)

    First time trying the Skinny bakery so ordered a selection to try out.
    They didn’t last long in our house, approval from my 5 year old too!
    Love love love them 🙂

  26. Justine Harding (verified owner)

    Have been wanting to try these products for sges but was a bit put off by the price. SO GLAD I TRIED THEM THEY ARE SO NICE YUM YUM YUM! Worth every penny and will reorder again. I am doing SlimmingWorld and would rather have these than The Hi Fi Bars which cost the same. If you llove cake you will not be disappointed!

  27. vicky-nash (verified owner)

    I was really sceptical when ordering these but thought I’d give them a try, and was so pleasantly surprised! They are delicious cakes – my favourites were the cookies and cream, and the meringue cookies. Would 100% buy again, especially as you can freeze them (which stopped me from eating them all in one sitting…)

  28. Teri Martin (verified owner)

    Had seen these advertise for a few months and was not sure if myself or my family would like these as they are made with some random ingredients. But as we are doing slimming world and are forever trying to find sweet treats at low syn value finally gave in and got this box as it allowed for variety. WOW! So glad we did, these are tasty little treats and definitely hit the sweet cravings. Would 100% recommend.

  29. Joanne Buchanan (verified owner)

    Super tasty low calorie treats, love the chocolate pearls!

  30. Hannah (verified owner)

    These were really tasty and definitely great for a low carb/low calorie diet to satisfy sweet cravings

  31. Teresa Richardson (verified owner)

    Bought these at the recommendation of my slimming world consultant. So glad I did, the whole family loves them. We bought the variety box to cover everyone- not disappointed. Very tasty and filled the sweet tooth I have.

  32. Tahsin Hassan (verified owner)

    Genuinely cannot recommend Skinny Bakery enough! The desserts taste amazing and satisfy any cravings I have!

  33. bethanymayrowsell (verified owner)

    A good way to find your favourites for your next order

  34. lesley_azeez (verified owner)

    Worth every penny, lovely flavours and not too big so impossible to over indulge. Great they can also be frozen so no need to finish all at once.

  35. cat.doyle_home (verified owner)

    This is just perfect for tasting all of the flavours to find out which you like best… I have found my favourite!

  36. Chloe Newton (verified owner)

    These were great – really nice selection and all the products were very tasty (cookies and cream and carrot cake were particular favourites!). As a first time buyer, this gave a nice selection of things to try, really good value!

  37. Louise Goodwin (verified owner)

    Absolutely lovely these are great for the evening when you want something sweet I’ll certainly be ordering again xx

  38. kate kronenbach (verified owner)

    Great way to try a few of the different products.

  39. Victoria Laker (verified owner)

    I picked this box as it had a variety of options for our first box and was reasonably priced. We were very pleased with the selection and all of the products were delicious. We would definitely recommend!

  40. Nicky Williams (verified owner)

    I’ve seen skinny bakery products for a while now and decided to finally order some!
    This selection is reasonably priced and allowed me to try a variety of different products they offer. Delivery came super quick and now I’m hooked!!!
    I’ve shown family and friends who have also gone and ordered.

    My fav has to be the millionaire pearl! The chocolate pearl tastes exactly like chocolate cake really good for those sweet chocolate cravings. Will definitely order again. If you’re contemplating like I did then don’t wait … go for it!

  41. ferrarigirl (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing, such good value.
    Wasn’t sure what to order and this was very helpful.

    Everything tastes amazing.

  42. sarahwood425 (verified owner)

    Loved this box so much! Such a good selection and they were all very tasty and very quick delivery.

  43. rosiehutchins09 (verified owner)

    I would recommend any first time buyer to get one of these as they were totally amazing

  44. Miss. Jade Wallis (verified owner)

    Loved this box and a nice selection of treats!

  45. Hannah Swindells (verified owner)

    Well worth the money. Such a good variety included. Great way to settle all cravings. Wasn’t overly keen on the cookies I have to admit, but dry for me, but would work well in a chocolate Eton mess!!! The pearls though were delicious. My sister and I enjoyed them and would get again!! Also very quick delivery.

  46. Christine (verified owner)

    As a new customer bought the bestseller box to try a range of flavours. Have so far have sampled carrot pearls, white chocolate doughnuts and chocolate meringues. All are yummy! I will definitely be ordering more and expect I may need to try all of the available flavours in order to find my favourite. Also pleased to see I will also be able to treat my vegan daughter.

  47. Rachel

    Love these so much

  48. Rachel

    Love these

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