Millionaires Pearls

(243 customer reviews)


Pack of 5 biscuit flavoured sponges made with Lotus Biscoff with a smooth chocolate and sticky date caramel centre (41 Kcal ea.) Vegetarian

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Nutritional Values

Typical Analysis Per 100g Per 80g Pack Per 17g Pearl
Energy (kJ) 1031 825 172
Energy (kcal) 246 197 41
Fat (g) 7.1 5.7 1.2
Of which saturates (g) 2.5 2.0 0.4
Carbohydrates (g) 39.0 31.2 6.5
Of which sugars (g) 24.3 19.5 4.1
Fibre (g) 1.4 1.1 0.2
Protein (g) 5.9 4.7 1.0
Salt (g) 0.60 0.48 0.10

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Low Fat Yoghurt (Milk), Fortified Wheat Flour (Wheat Flour, Calcium Carbonate, Iron, Niacin, Thiamin), Sugar, Tofu (Soya) (Filtered Water, Soya Beans Isolated Soya Protein), Lotus Biscoff Spread (8%) (Wheat Flour, Sugar, Palm Oil*, Rapeseed Oil, Candy Sugar Syrup, Soya Flour, Salt, Cinnamon), Rapeseed Oil, Sugar, Soya Lecithin), Dates (Dates, Rice Flour), Pasteurised Whole Free Range Egg, Water, Chocolate (Sugar, Cocoa Mass, Cocoa Butter, Emulsifier (Soya Lecithin), Natural Vanilla Flavouring), Raising Agents (Disodium Diphosphate, Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate), Wheat Starch, Cinnamon, Natural Flavouring, Preservative (Potassium Sorbate)

*Sustainably sourced

For allergens including cereals containing gluten, see ingredients in bold. May contain nuts, peanuts and sesame. Suitable for vegetarians.


Best before dates:
Keep chilled for 7 days. Freeze on day of receipt for 2 months.

Our products contain 40% less calories, 60% less fat and 30% less sugar compared with leading brands. Made without artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners, they can be enjoyed as part of a healthy diet every day.

243 reviews for Millionaires Pearls

  1. Donna Broadway (verified owner)

    Not bad for a diet cake

  2. Donna Broadway (verified owner)

    Not bad for a diet cake

  3. e.b.morgan (verified owner)

    Absolutely gorgeous! So tasty yet guilt free!! Will be ordering more!!

  4. Gemma Goodsman (verified owner)

    These are definitely the best I have tried!

  5. amydaglish3 (verified owner)

    Really tasty and a little bit moreish! I will be back for more.

  6. up734065

    Delicious and moist

  7. kilpin45 (verified owner)

    Delicious soft texture, yummy filling.

  8. becca.taylor (verified owner)

    Light sponge with a lovely filling. Very moreish!

  9. Amy Ward (verified owner)

    Hit the spot when your just craving something sweet

  10. emmaspets (verified owner)

    Amazing – perfect when you need a chocolate and cake fix

  11. Lesley Tomlinson (verified owner)

    So fantastic to have found these tasty sweet treats they fit into my diet perfectly if I’m having a calorie counting day or a slimming world day I love the millionaire Pearl’s I think they are my favourite.

  12. murrayamanda70 (verified owner)

    This flavour has to be my favourite, great chocolate fix, delicious.

  13. Jack Wynn (verified owner)

    Lovely little cakes to snack on, I’d usually have one as an after lunch of dinner treat.

  14. roseyposey85 (verified owner)

    Absolutely delightful! On the list for next order

  15. Maggie Tindal (verified owner)

    I absolutely love these. Taste delicious and gives you a real taste of what you have been missing. Definitely recommend them

  16. Danielle Morris (verified owner)

    These are amazing will definitely be ordering more helps me keep on track with my slimming journey

  17. Jo Smith (verified owner)

    Tasty little cakes but wasn’t the flavour I was expecting from the name. Moist cake with just enough filling.

  18. Holly Street (verified owner)

    So delicious! Definitely recommend for those on a diet who want a sweet snack. Can’t believe it’s got so much flavour and is so healthy!

  19. f.thu-ta (verified owner)

    These are so good!

  20. lisa.fitzsimons (verified owner)

    Delicious. They have become one of my favourites

  21. Stephanie Cain (verified owner)

    Out of all the flavours I’ve tried so far these ones have been my fave, delish!

  22. Katrina Phillips (verified owner)

    Absolutely delicious

  23. mrsjocraven (verified owner)

    Gorgeous, hard not to eat them all in one sitting!They also do freeze very well and don’t taste any different once defrosted.

  24. Sarah Coltman (verified owner)

    Really tasty, can’t tell it skinny cake at all the flavour is good. Would order again

  25. nicjs (verified owner)

    Really tasty, Soft and scrummy!

  26. margaret.bailey4 (verified owner)

    WOW! These are lovely and tasty. So I will order them again.

  27. Alison Hull (verified owner)

    These were gorgeous! Looking forward to buying these again.

  28. Julie Adams (verified owner)

    Very tasty, strong flavour, second favourite in my order after the chocolate pearls!

  29. Anita Rickett (verified owner)

    Love these great low syn treat even think I’m being naughty will be ordering again

  30. Emily Jones (verified owner)

    These are one of my favourite pearls, the don’t really taste of the caramel but the texture and chocolate middle are delicious!

  31. Agata Paczek (verified owner)

    These were my favourite, really nice.

  32. lizzybholt (verified owner)

    Love these! Absolutely delicious, so healthy and so sweet to get that real hit of cake that you’re craving xx

  33. Katrina Phillips (verified owner)

    Wow these were amazing, will be getting them again

  34. sharon.l.n (verified owner)

    Perfect for a little indulgence with a cuppa will definitely order again

  35. Lucy Anthony (verified owner)

    Love love love in my top 3 for sure! Rich but not too sweet.

  36. Kelly Young (verified owner)

    So delicious and tasty and satisfying, will order again!!

  37. sharronskeen (verified owner)

    These were amazing! So hard to stick to eating one at a time, could have eaten the whole pack so had to stop myself!!

  38. Ana Tregunna (verified owner)

    First time ordering & really nice flavour

  39. Laura Pattinson (verified owner)

    These are amazing! I have such a sweet tooth and they satisfied the need for a small bit of sweet cake! It froze them and they tasted just as good after defrosting! Yum!

  40. sophbarker92 (verified owner)

    These are amazing! My favourite flavour so far!

  41. Abigail Sayce (verified owner)

    Not my favourite as I am for of a fruit kinda girl but my sister has a sweet tooth and she thought they were delicious 🤤

  42. Emma Stacey (verified owner)

    Absolutely delicious one of our favourites will be lording these again. And maybe even more than one box!

  43. Louise Licourinos (verified owner)

    These are great! Delightful little bites of joy! Hid them from the husband so I didn’t have to share!

  44. Sarah Channell (verified owner)

    I was worried they might be a little dry, but they were moist and had a great cinnamon flavour. One of my favourites!

  45. julieg1410 (verified owner)

    Probably my least favourite but still a delicious treat. I couldn’t really taste the flavour it was supposed to be. Having said that they all went.

  46. Sandra Rose (verified owner)

    Loved these too very tasty

  47. Emer Ryan (verified owner)

    Lovely taste and very filling

  48. amanda.ajrob (verified owner)

    My all time favourite is millionaire shortbread, but I found this disappointing in flavour. There was a slight nutmeg type flavour, which I don’t like and it just didn’t hit the sweet spot for me.

  49. Nicola Bradley (verified owner)

    I enjoyed these to not quite what you expect them to be but still lovely

  50. Denise Nicholson (verified owner)

    These are really yummy, hit the cake spot brilliantly

  51. Catherine Roberts (verified owner)

    Nice, though a little underwhelming as nothing like millionaire shortbread to me!

  52. Rachel Doody (verified owner)

    They were delicious even my husband tried them and loved them will definitely buy them again

  53. samantha leppard (verified owner)

    These pearls are so cakey you don’t realise they are skinny cakes 😋 such a lovely taste to these

  54. Hannah McCaully (verified owner)

    Got these because of the biscoff, one of my weaknesses! Couldnt really taste the biscoff, i could only really taste the dates. Although not my favourite from the ones I got, Still managed to eat them all! 🙂

  55. Chloe Peers (verified owner)

    These are amazing

  56. taz26tictac (verified owner)

    Very yummy, better when room temperature so give them time to get back to this if you’ve stored them in the fridge.

  57. Libby-J Everest (verified owner)

    These are without a doubt my favourite cake pearls of yours that I’ve tried. They are so yummy and incredibly more-ish!! The flavour is second to done, and they are so most and spongy. Well done on this creation! Can not recommend enough. I hope these are permanent!

  58. claire.copland (verified owner)

    These were nice. Wasn’t sure how much MS they would taste of for their size but enjoyed them none the less.

  59. Trudy McIntyre-Ure (verified owner)

    Perfect I love them

  60. Marika Hughes (verified owner)

    These where one of my favourite, i will be ordering more

  61. Gemma Hemmings (verified owner)

    Love this one.Definitely one of my go to flavours!

  62. Anwara Khatun (verified owner)

    These were delicious, could not believe how low calorie they where. These where one of my favourites out of the few i got. I will definitely order these ones again.

  63. chelseawade123 (verified owner)

    These are so nice!!! Taste so naughty helps massively with my sweet cravings!

  64. Toni Mccracken (verified owner)

    These are really delicious- just perfect to curb that sweet craving

  65. Nikki Halsey (verified owner)

    Amazing sweet treat. Great that these can be frozen too

  66. Rebecca Purkiss (verified owner)

    These are amazing and one of my favourites! The chocolate middle is yummy!

  67. Rebecca Clarke (verified owner)

    These are absolutely delicious, and on Slimming World you can have the whole tub within your Syns.

  68. ionchlorou (verified owner)

    These are my favourite !! I can’t wait to eat again! 😀

  69. oliviadaisy (verified owner)

    Absolutely lovely 😊 would definitely order these again.

  70. Pria Hassan (verified owner)


  71. ellis webb (verified owner)

    Taste amazing! Definitely will be ordering more of these!

  72. Eloïse Boblin (verified owner)

    Very nice!

  73. Emma cook (verified owner)

    Gorgeous! It’s hard not to eat the whole tub!

  74. elliepops (verified owner)

    Lovely and moist! Taste a lot like cinnamon so a great choice for cinammon lovers 🙂

  75. zoeldown (verified owner)

    Taste amazing and so low in calories

  76. Victoria Schofield (verified owner)

    These are amazing!! My favourite so far. Light, fluffy and very tasty.

  77. gemma_solway (verified owner)

    These are my favourite! Delicious!!

  78. lkpone (verified owner)

    I purposely didn’t look at the ingredients before ordering, because I tend to let that determine whether or not I try something, so when I had one of these and absolutely LOVED it, I was so surprised to see that it had dates in it, because ordinarily that would be an absolutely no no for me! These are absolutely delicious and so useful as a little treat when trying to stay healthy. They fit in perfectly for SW syns, for anyone doing that, and even if you ate the whole pot, you’d still have some syns to spare!

  79. george.dkendall (verified owner)

    Absolutely lovely! Great taste and I really enjoyed them. Will be getting them again!

  80. sbainbridge28 (verified owner)

    These tasted Devine! Small but just the right amount to give you that sweet tasting hit you need. And don’t feel guilty for eating them either as they are so low in calories 😍

  81. Darel Thomson (verified owner)

    Great treat

  82. Hannah Kay (verified owner)

    These are my absolute favourite! They’re so much tastier than I thought they were going to be. It’s so good to know they’re so low in calories yet delicious!

  83. angel230884

    So far these are my favourites!! Love that they are low calorie but that it doesn’t impact the flavour at all! Will be ordering more of these in the future!

  84. Stephanie Perry (verified owner)

    These are delicious. My favourites out of everything I ordered. Taste very caramel-ly. Amazing. These will be in every order from now on!

  85. sophbarker92 (verified owner)

    These taste amazing! The sponge is light and fluffy and cream in the middle tastes yummy!

  86. Jade Dalton (verified owner)

    Really surprised by how good these are!! The cake is moist, and the filling is so tasty. Great for when you’ve got a sweet craving.

  87. Hannah (verified owner)

    These were my favourite, really tasty!

  88. mel.roderick (verified owner)

    One word….YUM!

  89. chloesymeou (verified owner)

    Absolutely delicious! Tasted a little like carrot cake, but I loved them!

  90. Lynsey Winfield (verified owner)

    Absolutly lovely so nice went down lovely with a cuppa

  91. Leanne McCloskey (verified owner)

    Loved them – would be gorgeous with a wee bit of cream in the middle too 😀

  92. Laura Sharpe (verified owner)

    Flapjack is my absolute favourite and these didn’t disappoint.

  93. Laura Sharpe (verified owner)

    Lovely little pieces of yumminess!

  94. kellycharde1999 (verified owner)

    These were my fav out of my whole order. Such a nice Flavour would always use them as my daily syns again 😊

  95. Kerry Lewis (verified owner)

    I liked these! Tasted like cinnamon. Would order again 👍

  96. lorraine1976 (verified owner)

    These are so yummy & ideal for my sweet tooth.

  97. Vicky Jackson (verified owner)

    I can’t get enough of these! Low calorie and tastes better then full calorie cake!

  98. Alison Cobb (verified owner)

    I loved these millionaire pearls, I’ll definitely order again, perfect for a slimming world treat.

  99. foodtroll37 (verified owner)

    these were my least favourite from the 6 I ordered. they seemed very dry compared to the others. nice little sweet kick though, but wouldnt order this flavour again

  100. Reeta Sharma (verified owner)

    Really nice soft toffee caramel like filled cake bites. Really enjoyed them !

  101. kathrynboxall25 (verified owner)

    Loved these millionaires pearls. They are the perfect sweet treat. without all the calories. Would 100% recommend

  102. donyapour (verified owner)

    Would definitely recommend trying this flavour. They were delicious!

  103. oliviadaisy (verified owner)

    Super tasty, will definitely order again! Perfect for a wedding diet!!

  104. Lisa (verified owner)

    Another flavour and another hit with me! Will buy again.

  105. solloni92 (verified owner)

    These were nice but I was disappointed as they tasted more like a carrot cake . They tasted nothing like millionaires . Probably wouldn’t purchase these ones again as there are far nicer flavours

  106. Gemma Johns (verified owner)

    I loved everything about these! Usually I’m not a fan of sponge and the only thing that makes it bearable is the chocolate cream inside, However these have an equal amount and therefore they are perfect. I would definitely order these again.

  107. gemma awdas (verified owner)

    so lovely

  108. Michelle McDermott (verified owner)

    These were amazing, will be ordering them again.

  109. rachel.third (verified owner)

    We really enjoyed these cakes. I was slightly unsure how nice they would taste as I had frozen them but they were really delicious.

  110. Charlotte Owens (verified owner)

    Of the four flavours I ordered, these were my least favourite. I found them too dense and dry, lacking in the nice moist texture of the other pearls. Personally I wouldn’t order these again, whereas I would the carrot, lemon and Bakewell

  111. Rebecca Forbes (verified owner)

    If there was 6* it still wouldn’t be enough, these are soft very cake like and delicious. Being on a strict wedding diet and still being able to eat cake is fabulous and guilt free.

  112. Naomi Edney (verified owner)

    These are definitely the best ones I’ve tried. I’m not a big fan of chocolate cake but I like a chocolate fix, these are perfect!!!

  113. Amy Domville (verified owner)

    These were delicious perfect little bite size treats. Really tasty and just amazing would highly recommend:).

  114. lindan_clarke (verified owner)

    So yummy and moist! Will buy again for sure.

  115. royasiassipour (verified owner)

    I like these but they were slightly disappointing. They taste more like the carrot cake. Still a nice cake as I love the carrot cake, but not quite hot the spot for millionaires flavourings.

  116. Justine Lamont (verified owner)

    These are absolutely amazing!! I cannot wait to reorder them. So tasty.

  117. tasnim.khan (verified owner)

    well presented treats, so delicious

  118. katekayuda (verified owner)

    Pretty good and hit the spot for a sweet treat

  119. Deanne Horsley (verified owner)

    Only 4 star as all I could taste was cinnamon and I hate cinnamon but my other half absolutely loved them

  120. Sam (verified owner)

    Super tasty, will definitely order again!

  121. Melanie Chisholm (verified owner)

    These were delicious! Moist and very tasty. Will be ordering again.

  122. Shannon Ricard (verified owner)

    Delicious! Satisfies my cake need!

  123. Rebecca Hirst (verified owner)

    These are so tasty and guilt free, total winner 😊

  124. bethanymayrowsell (verified owner)

    Loves these, my favourites

  125. John Meredith (verified owner)

    Not super biscoffy but still super nice! One of our faves!

  126. Chloe Johnson (verified owner)

    Absolutely loved these! I got the subscription box and got loads of different flavours, can’t believe they’re made out of fruits and still taste so much like mini cakes! Loveeee!!

  127. Anna Moran (verified owner)

    Nice but not one of my favourites. You’ll probably love them if you are a fan of cinnamon

  128. fionamayblack (verified owner)

    Sooooo good!

  129. Lizzie Goodwin (verified owner)

    Yum!!! Love these, almost have a slight cinnamon taste which is amazing

  130. sarah.hutchins (verified owner)

    A lovely sweet treat, perfect snacky size with a cup of tea. lovely flavour too.

  131. Kathy Cameron (verified owner)

    Yummy really enjoyed these

  132. emileegraham (verified owner)

    These are my favourite low calorie cakes ever!! Ate the lot in no time because of how tasty they were, can’t wait to order again!!

  133. lornahudson1974 (verified owner)

    These were delicious fab on weight watchers diet as well, i will buy these again

  134. Rad (verified owner)

    These are very tasty! Great flavour

  135. Chloe Peers (verified owner)

    These are one of my favourites so yummy

  136. Kirstie Harding (verified owner)

    Lovely sized treat, would recommend

  137. Ria Noyce (verified owner)

    Love these

  138. jordanjean98

    Very tasty! Good if you need a sweet treat, will definitely buy again!

  139. emma_cogger (verified owner)

    These are our favourite pearls so far! Just as well be bought two packs!! So yummy.

  140. elliephant30 (verified owner)

    So tasty, would be 5star,but there are other products skinny bakery do that are even more yummy!

  141. Julie Stanton (verified owner)

    Just tried these as was craving a treat, and they definitely hit the spot

  142. Tracy Boyle (verified owner)

    These were definitely my favourite from my order. I had to hide them at the back of my fridge away from the rest of my family. These were a big hit. They tasted absolutely beautiful with a coffee and I felt like I wasn’t missing out on anything while being on my diet. A firm favourite and will be a regular on my order.

  143. Carla Crawley (verified owner)

    SO GOOD! Couldn’t get enough of them. Generous filling and really tasty.

  144. Nikki Mikellides (verified owner)

    These were AMAZING. One of my favourites! Hope they become a regular product as theyre only limited edition right now…

  145. ehicks39 (verified owner)

    Enjoyed these, flavoursome but not overly sweet. Didn’t think they tasted as described though.

  146. Amanda Macphail (verified owner)

    Very good my husbands favs! We be hiding them in future!

  147. Claire Lamb (verified owner)

    These were my favourite. A lovely rich flavour and nice texture cake. I will definitely order again.

  148. Elizabeth Clark (verified owner)

    These were amazing. Great with a cup of tea

  149. Sabrina Bradley (verified owner)

    Light sweet and just a lovely treat !!

  150. Samantha Betts (verified owner)

    One of my faves!

  151. claire.palmer1 (verified owner)

    I did like these, but I was expecting them to taste more like Millionaires shortbread minus the shortbread. I love Lotus Biscoff flavour but I couldn’t really taste it. I would consider buying them again.

  152. rachel.cohen0093 (verified owner)

    These didn’t have the biscuity taste I had hoped for, but they’re still good! You really need to like cinnamon to truly enjoy them, so if you do, these are for you!

  153. lisaflat

    These are amazing

  154. Katy Smith (verified owner)

    Got these for something a bit different to try usually go for just the chocolate ones but these are lovely and sweet and hit the sweet spot you’ve been craving while trying to slim definitely keeping them on my subscription

  155. mya_virdi (verified owner)

    Loved these! Taste so good, 100% ordering again.

  156. Katie Gatland (verified owner)

    Lovely moist cakes that taste amazing

  157. Louise Lim (verified owner)

    The consistency is good and the chocolate bits are my favourite. Add this to my favourite list!

  158. Nicky Williams (verified owner)

    In my first purchase I ordered a variety of products but my fav has to be the millionaire pearl! tastes amazing and fantastic for those sweet cravings. Will definitely order again. Delivery came super quick and now I’m hooked!!!
    I’ve shown family and friends who have also gone and ordered, my mum also said this one is her fav!

  159. Joanne Hodgetts (verified owner)

    Absolutely beautiful… & you don’t feel guilty after scoffing the pot because it is within slimming plan limits! YESSSS!!!

  160. wendymaclean7 (verified owner)

    So tasty and moist

  161. maureen.craven (verified owner)

    Love these could eat them all day they are definitely on my next order in fact they all are

  162. ferrarigirl (verified owner)

    Amazing as all the rest.
    Such a nice tasting treat.
    Definitely be buying again.x

  163. Kylie Hughes (verified owner)

    They don’t taste like millionaire’s shortbread and far too much cinnamon for me unfortunately.

  164. Jody Parker (verified owner)

    Wow!! These are amazing, tried not to eat them all in one go but couldn’t help myself

  165. Dollys Rockin Rolls (verified owner)

    We stock these at my shop and they came out in the top 3 of favourites!

  166. Rachel Tebbs (verified owner)

    Loved these! Tasted far more indulgent than they should!! My favourite ones from our order 🙂

  167. Elizabeth Allan (verified owner)

    I would say these are delicious but I never got to try them. My husband and son ate them all and are asking when they will be re ordered and to order more next time. A definate hit in my house

  168. katsie86 (verified owner)

    I loved these!

  169. Perrie Winter (verified owner)

    These were lovely, not my favorite but still very tasty and helped with my sweet tooth while following SW.
    Another order will be in soon! 😀

  170. julie.pool (verified owner)

    Tasty and yummy

  171. Jodi Oosthuizen (verified owner)

    These were insane. They really hit the spot and are an amazing treat for such low calories. Will definitely be buying again.

  172. helen6881 (verified owner)

    Loved these they were were really tasty and hit the spot just getting my next order ready these will definitely be on it

  173. sarah.geddes (verified owner)

    Really lovely caramel flavour definitely morish

  174. jade_gerrard (verified owner)

    Love how low In Calories these are, can’t wait to order again.

  175. Melissa Winch (verified owner)

    This flavour is super yummy! Good chocolatey flavour in the middle… One of my fave flavours!

  176. Wyomi Lawrinson (verified owner)

    These are so delicious and I cant believe they aren’t full of calories! It’s so good to be able to have something that’s a real treat without the added calories.

  177. julianne_a (verified owner)

    These are a real treat and even better they are so low in calories so happy with these

  178. emma_kb2003 (verified owner)

    Loved these. Lovely flavour, felt like I’d had a nice treat. Definitely order again

  179. bernadettewinters (verified owner)

    these are lovely! The sponge is really moist and the centre is just enough to satisfy my sweet tooth 🙂

  180. emmaprior24 (verified owner)

    Just big enough to satisfy a sweet craving and delicious to be enough. Only 2sp on weight watchers so what’s not to love!

  181. s.woodford (verified owner)

    Husband ate these in one go and asked for more!!

  182. kirstylstratford (verified owner)

    Perfect bitesize snack for my chocolate monster preteen

  183. Lynne Summerfield (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed these. Love the flavours

  184. Daniela Saunders (verified owner)

    Brilliant little cake. Very tasty

  185. rosiehutchins09 (verified owner)

    Nice little bitesized treats but not as caramelly as I would like, however I would definitely buy them again. I would recommend them

  186. rosiehutchins09 (verified owner)

    Nice little bitesized treats but not as caramelly as I would like

  187. laura-gale (verified owner)

    Simply amazing, the only problem is you can’t just have 1

  188. Samm Jakes (verified owner)

    These are one of my favourites! Feels like you’re eating something naughty. Lots of flavour, a great sweet fix!

  189. kirsty14con (verified owner)

    Didn’t think they tasted like millionaires however they are so tasty regardless! And 2 syns on slimming world you can not go wrong!!!

  190. Roxanne (verified owner)

    They tasted nice, but they were quite dry compared to some of the other pearl flavours.

  191. Racheal Symonds (verified owner)

    Really gooey and yummy!!

  192. sikuciits

    Heavenly delicious! X

  193. hollie_moss (verified owner)

    These are my second favourite (after banana)! Very lovely little treats, great flavour.

  194. Ria Noyce (verified owner)

    Delicious!! Another favourite of mine. Hard to pick they all taste so good!

  195. Sarah Evans (verified owner)

    Not my favourites due to the cinnamon which I am not a fan of, however these are a must buy as they were polished off by my daughter who loved them and it kept her away from my carrot cake ones!

  196. sara.s.williams (verified owner)

    Didn’t love these I’m afraid, shame, there are others I really love! These are a bit dry & tasteless

  197. Louisa Russell (verified owner)

    I love these Millionaire Shortbread they taste amazing and so much like the real thing. Will be ordering these again.

  198. Faye Harrison (verified owner)

    These were so yummy and cinnamony. Centre was rich and gorgeous, not too sickly! Only wish I’d eaten them earlier so they were slightly more fresh!

  199. Alison Campbell (verified owner)

    Order was delivered when they said it was, and contained these beauties. Cannot get enough of them…!

  200. Jade F (verified owner)

    I was slightly sceptical when I heard about these but they are honestly so good!! I feel like I’m having a naughty treat but actually I’m still able to stick to my allowances and enjoy cake!!

  201. Claire Smith (verified owner)

    Really tasty, quite spiced tasting like carrot cake but would order again

  202. Gail (verified owner)

    These are a bit cinnamon tasting, I wouldnt describe them as millionaires as they arent really close to the flavour but they are still very morish, if you like carrot cake you’ll love these! I’m impressed with all my treats from skinny bakery and I’ll definitely be back for more!

  203. Alice (verified owner)

    Lovely taste and texture

  204. Chloe Taylor (verified owner)

    These were yummy but tastes a bit like carrot cake to me! Still good though.

  205. Lilbox1975 (verified owner)

    Omg… These taste amazing, full of flavour and really moist. If you craved something sweet but not so naughty then grab some of these. Eat the tub without having to hide the evidence and guilt lol

  206. julienicholson78 (verified owner)

    Lovely and moist with a nice center tasted amazing!

  207. SONIA MATHIESON (verified owner)

    Love these. Had to hide from my daughter tho! Yummy

  208. Vy (verified owner)

    These do not disappoint. Biscuit butter goodness

  209. teddy.marshall (verified owner)

    Another triumph – lovely and moist, nice chocolate and caramel flavour comes through… and I can eat them on a diet! Fab!

  210. Jade Broadley (verified owner)

    BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING, YUMMY. What more do I need to say? If you want a nice healthy treat then these are the one!

  211. LizziWebb (verified owner)

    Who doesn’t love a chunk of millionaires shortbread? These pearls are a great substitute – one the one hand the sponge is so light they can;t possibly be sinful, but on the other hand, the chocolate & caramel frosting was rich enough that the pearl felt filling.

  212. kitcat568 (verified owner)

    Just delicious! I froze them upon arrival so was nervous about how they’d be but fear not they were perfect. So moist with a delicious filling – I had to fight my 5yr old for them…yummy!

  213. Joanne McLeod (verified owner)

    Love these, if only they were not limited edition !

  214. Josie Andrews

    Lovely! Taste amazing..

  215. Karen Croyham (verified owner)

    Amazing as I have such a sweet tooth

  216. JackieT (verified owner)

    Lovely tasty treats, really satisfy the craving for a treat when on a healthy eating plan! This flavour is amazing!

  217. Rhiannan Boon

    Absolutely love these gorgeous pearls! So soft, so much flavour and they’re so good for us slimming world people as they’re low in calories! Low calorie cake pearls! What more could you ask for? They’re so good! Everything from skinny bakery is amazing. Would defo recommend!

  218. Emma Boden-Bayliss (verified owner)

    Actually insane and pretty sure the best cake iv ever tasted, only downside is my 2 year old loves them too so I had to share. Amazing!!

  219. Michelle Thomson (verified owner)

    A real chocolate hit, perfect with a cup of tea

  220. Kim Smith (verified owner)

    These were the first pearls I tasted from my pick and mix box and the certainly left me wanting more, amazing!!

  221. Sarah Smith

    Fantastic! I’m on Slimming World and these are so good for treat night, so low in syns. Can’t wait for next delivery

  222. Lorraine maguire (verified owner)

    Absolutely loved these will be ordering more, only problem so good all the family eating them

  223. rachel.newton (verified owner)

    Red velvet cakes are delicious my favourite out of the pic n mix box really fresh lovely filing

  224. rachel.newton (verified owner)

    Ordered a pic n mix box they where delivered next day , cakes boxed lovely really fresh all tasted lovely

  225. emma_san10 (verified owner)

    These lasted a total of about 5 seconds in the presence of my husband…incredibly fussy eater. But good food is good food and we both really enjoyed these lovely little treats. Thank you!

  226. Sharon Joy Reynolds (verified owner)

    I bought these as part of a multi buy box they are absolutely delicious and at only 39 calories such a decadent treat!

  227. Anna Frost (verified owner)

    Tried these first out of a 10 pack I had chosen – they did not disappoint. The texture of the pearl was lovely and the middle was delicious – I would definitely order these again.

  228. Laura (verified owner)

    Ordered these for the 1st time and they did not disappoint. Really moist and tastes like cake. Will be ordering these again

  229. mikaela_witt (verified owner)

    Was part of my first order with yourselves. The taste was amazing, though for some reason this pack was slightly dry, compared to the others I received! Highly recommend these cakes, though I preferred other flavours

  230. Naomi Russell (verified owner)

    These are my favourite (out of the trial pack) will definitely be ordering more

  231. Maisy Jones (verified owner)

    These are a really unique flavour and not really comparable to any other cake. The filling is the tastiest bit and has a lovely rich biscoff flavour,,the cake is a nice enough taste but could do with being just slightly stronger to make them really delicious. If you like all things biscoff then these are 100% worth a try.

  232. Naomi (verified owner)

    These are scrumptious

  233. jodie.howard (verified owner)

    In my first box, I just knew I had to try these. They sounded delicious and I love anything millionaires. I wasn’t disappointed, out of everything I ordered these were by far my favourite! In all honesty for me they had a very slight taste of carrot cake but that could just be me, it made them even better though. I have now ordered them in my second box and I can not wait! I hope they don’t disappear too quickly and for too long!

  234. Holly M (verified owner)

    Nice soft texture and yummy filling. The cake isn’t quite sweet enough for me, but still a very enjoyable little cake.

  235. natashakay (verified owner)

    Love these, would definitely recommend them

  236. janemareeosman100 (verified owner)

    Really lovely cakes 😁

  237. cally877 (verified owner)

    Lovely, these are my favourite

  238. demi murphy

    These look amazing

  239. Karen Arnott (verified owner)

    These are my favourite hope they become a regular product

  240. brookelouise2014


  241. georgia.burns1996

    Absolutely love these, one of my favourites

  242. zarajayneworton

    I can’t wait to try these!!! <3

  243. julie66jlm

    These were amazing SO disappointed they were limited edition, could eat these again and again

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