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Strawberry Jam Doughnuts


Powdered doughnuts with a strawberry jam centre with sugar and sweetener. (Pack of 4)

Typical Values Per 100g Per Doughnut (20g)
Energy (kJ) 1133 227
Energy (kcal) 271 54
Fat (g) 7.4 1.5
of which Saturates (g) 0.7 0.1
Carbohydrates (g) 49.7 9.9
of which Sugars (g) 6.0 1.2
of which Polyols (g) 15.9 3.2
Fibre (g) 1.8 0.4
Protein (g) 6.5 1.3
Salt (g) 0.30 0.06

Wheat Flour (Wheat Flour, Calcium Carbonate, Iron, Niacin, Thiamin), Wheat Gluten, Flour Treatment Agent (Fungal Amylase), Strawberry Jam (25%) (Sweetener (Sorbitol), Strawberries, Gelling Agent (Pectin)), Sweet Potato Puree, Rapeseed Oil, Sugar, Humectant (Vegetable Glycerine), Pasteurised Free Range Dried Whole Egg, Dried Skimmed Milk, Dextrose, Cornflour, Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, Yeast, Natural Flavouring, Preservative (Potassium Sorbate)

For allergens including cereals containing gluten, see ingredients in bold. May contain Tree Nuts, Soya, SulphitesPeanut

Excessive consumption may produce laxative effects


Store for 4+ days in a cool, dry place until best before date shown

Refrigeration and home freezing are not recommended for this product

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  • Eva Pangea

    These were not good unfortunately. They were very stale when i opened them and the bread was hard like a stone. I won’t get them again. The rest of the products I bought were good though so I will stick with the cupcakes and the cookies.

  • jberry85540

    Really delicious donuts

  • Sharron Jones

    These are so nice, just the right size for a quick snack to curb my craving, will definitely order again

  • Claudia Marino

    Everyone at home simply love the strawberry jam doughnuts. Very soft, the jam is lovely and we always buy it. You won’t regret! Try it 🙂

  • Sarah Thompson

    I don’t usually like donuts that much but wow! These were so tasty! The amount of jam was surprising as I wasn’t expecting much but there was plenty. Will be buying again!

  • Eleanor Chadderton

    Really nice doughnut, plenty of jam inside and low in calories! Perfect

  • Jennifer Lambe

    Good that they are low cal/syn! A bit firm but will order again!

  • Tanya Raymond

    tasted ok but they were quite firm and dry so wasn’t keen

  • Nicola Berry

    I love these warmed up in the microwave. They taste yummy with a cuppa. A lovely treat without too many calories or sugar. Perfect.

  • gillt1978

    For 54 calories a donut these are lovely. Nice amount of filling, nice texture to the donut and just a joy to eat.

  • Marcia Lawrence

    Good size, but not a hummy as some of the others.

  • Rebekah Grassby

    Slightly disappointed with these – felt a bit dry

  • SARAH Horry

    Can’t wait to order another pack of these. Full of jam and wonderful to taste without the guilt.

  • Seanette Donnelly

    Delicious, so glad I found this company.. helped massively for my weight loss!

  • Emily Wallace

    I was craving doughnuts and these filled the gap better than the other two doughnut flavours on offer. It’s hard not to want another, and at 54 calories why not 😀

  • kirstie close

    Very dry with not much filling and not the doughnut texture i was hoping for but they do taste nice and would buy again

  • janetwaterworth

    Very nice, I have tried both the Jam and white chocolate and both are delicious.

  • Kathy Wakeman

    Not too keen on the doughnuts! Found the dough hard and could have been sweeter!!

  • Clive Willcocks

    Scrummy donuts, highly recommend to family and friends.

  • Sarah White

    In comparison to the pearls, these were my least favourite. I found them a little dry and lacking in flavour, but I still ate them!

  • Natalie Beare

    Really impressed with these. They’re super sweet and really are mini-doughbuts. Will buy again, and again…

  • emmataylor1501

    Not my favourite of the mixed box i ordered, would need to be more jam in them for my liking and softer!

  • kathrynlewis79

    Very impressed at how nice these tasted.

  • Katie Kaye

    Really good. Better than the cakes.

  • Amanda Tustin


  • deniselaw01

    Delicious, I find the Victoria Pearl more tasty though.

  • James Trott

    These were ok. Nothing special tbh. Not my favourite. Not enough jam inside.

  • becky.willoughby

    These were just ok, nothing special.

  • emmawall890

    YUM! So so good, will be ordering these again!

  • Olga Bartlett

    The doughnuts were ok but not my favourite. I will definitely stick to pearls! Found them to be too dense and sweat, whereas the pearls are just lovely and light.

  • Ainsley Millar

    The donuts were nice. But not my favourite. Found them to be too dense, where the pearls are so nice a light.

  • Rebekah Paul

    This was first time I’d got these in stock and they didn’t disappoint!

  • Charlotte Webb

    Really enjoyed these. Nice little sweet treat and love the texture.

  • Karrol McMullan

    Yummy for my tummy! Very nice indeed

  • Zoe Wortley

    Not a donut fan but thought I’d try these and they are delicious! They did go a bit dry after a couple of days but donuts generally do.

  • gill

    I really like these, the jam inside is delicious, especially if you get one that has a generous dollop! Only reason I have not left 5 stars is they’re a little inconsistent, some are perfect with a generous jam filling, some less so and given the doughnut is a little drier than the full fat versions, it really needs the jam to compensate. Only other complaint is the restriction to 1 box per order!

  • Amy Ford

    All I can say is wow! This makes dieting so much easier when I can have little treats as these

  • Sanjaay Choudhury

    Very yummy doughnuts. Plenty of jam in the middle!

  • mrbrady72

    I enjoyed these skinny doughnuts, they tasted just like the full fat version and were a nice treat. My only criticism is that the appearance was a bit uneven, some had clumps of sugar on the outside when others didn’t. I will reorder though!

  • Mandy Kaur

    These were very dry, microwaved for about 8 seconds made them better

  • Sandra Greene

    Taste like real doughnuts, love them

  • Vanessa Shaw

    First order very tasty will defo be ordering again

  • lauraflorence

    The best of all the doughnuts. Keep fresh better than the chocolate ones

  • kerryjob

    These are amazing – my first skinny bakery treat and they did not disappoint!

  • lisalloyd871315

    These are so tasty. A little dry but not too bad. Would love to Try the other flavours

  • Arran Evans

    Delicious! Best low calorie doughnut I’ve tasted. Not far from the real thing and really yummy.

  • Amy Ballantyne

    These were delicious, wish there was a bit more jam but definitely cured the sweet tooth

  • camillapaul88

    Really nice will 0rder again

  • vjb12

    A tasty healthy alternative, nothing bad but nothing mind blowing either

  • mariyakanwal

    Don’t usually like donuts but these were really good and guilt-free!

  • danicehorner07

    For me these were my least favourite they have a syrup type filling instead of Jam. I am sure others will love them just not for me

  • Roxanne

    Not for me. Very dry. Much prefer the pearls.

  • Wai Tse

    They are nice but prefer the pearls

  • bridget

    If you love donuts then these low calorie baby donuts filled with a jammy syrup might be a near substitute. For me, they were pleasant but I much prefer the pearls that I ordered which were very tasty, moist with creamy filling. Not sure I will be buying them again.

  • Diane Mitchell

    Tasty mini donuts, were very nice but I prefer the pearls

  • Fiona Dennison

    Well worth a try they are lovely.

  • KELLY Tanner

    I felt these were a bit dry – still a sweet treat but I think I will stick to the pearls.

  • melgiles81

    Enjoyed these but disappointed that you only get 4 (unlike the pearls where you get 5 in a box). Very tasty though and I would order again.

  • Tina Crawford

    Well what is there not to love about these im a morrisons doughnut fan because I’m very particular about my doughnuts but these are by far better my sister in law were very naughty and had 2 each with a coffee I’m sold on these moist tasty and enough jam to not go overboard my skinny bakery taste exploration just keeps going

  • ditzygeorgia

    Cant believe these were low kcal. Jam makes it taste nice and sweet

  • Kate Maughan

    Loads of jam in these, absolutely delicious! Amazing with a quiet house and a cup of tea 🙂 hard to stop at one though!

  • Sharon McCall

    Absolutely delicious. Love that these amazing goodies are so low in calories!!

  • Charlotte Ward

    These were O.K. Not my favorite out of the ones I had delivered, however, still yummy enough to re-order.

  • ange pritchard

    Cant say i enjoyed these very much the texture reminded me of stale doughnuts. Wont stop me buying other items though

  • Paige Graham-o’connor

    These I was the most excited about. Unfortunately I wasn’t a big fan. The texture of the donut wasn’t for me and the jam tasted strange.

  • Natasha Maynard

    I love me a jam doughnut and these little treats are so delicious. My only “gripe” is that there could be a little bit more jam inside…I know…they are skinny bakes and adding more jam may bump up the calories but if it’s a jam doughnut…show me the jam. Of course this won’t put me off ordering more because they were so good! I’m merely making an observation.

  • mlwalsby

    Amazing mini donuts, delicious, can’t believe they are low calorie will order more for sure 🙂

  • Leah Barclay

    These are so nice! They are the perfect size for a small snack…I usually have one in the afternoon at work to keep me going from lunch until I get home for tea! They taste like they should be more calories than what they actually are, so its a bonus they are actually the healthier option!

  • Janine Willsher

    Amazing, that was the word used by my husband, he is craving the rush of a doughnut with so little calories, these are perfect!

  • nikki.davies73

    Amazing. OMG tastes just like a cherry Bakewell tart from that famous cake makers but a fraction of the calories. I love them so much. I hope they are not limited edition and a regular line. I’ve ordered 3 times and never been dissatisfied with the quality of the products or the service. In love with skinny bakery. 💓💓💓

  • emminicholl

    Worth giving these a go! They are very tasty but I have to say, the pearls still top the table for me for taste and texture. Best just to get both 🙂

  • smiler120

    Ok. Heavier than expected but still ate them lol 😆

  • Angie Rose

    These are fab for a low sugar/cal treat. They satisfy your sweet craving. Quite small though, so ended up eating more than one 😉

  • Debbie Trotman

    Gorgeous the jam is so lovely highly recommend

  • katy.martin

    Not crisp like a doughnut and tasted slightly heavy. I will give these a miss in the future. Dot try – not for me

  • Adam Redshaw

    They were a bit dry. The jam bit was nice

  • Nola PICKARD

    Was really looking forward to thus but not a nice as the cakes. Was a tad dry and needed a few seconds in the microwave. Also not as long a shelf life as others. Will try other flavours in case it’s just this flavour

  • Helen Crilley

    Really enjoyed these, they don’t have the same shelf life as the other products but as I ate them on day one that didn’t matter. I would definitely buy again

  • kerrym2507

    After trying the cake pearls I was really excited to be trying these. I was quite disappointed as they were not to my taste, a little dry and lacking in flavour so won’t be reordering the donuts.

  • beckycbromley

    Not for me unfortunately, the dough was too ‘bready’ and the the flavour of the jam wasn’t genuine enough for my liking but definitely can’tcomplain at the amount of calories per doughnut

  • Shantel Grewal

    Wasn’t too keen on these. They were really dry

  • allymurphy1

    Not so keen on these ones, the jam had seemed into the dough so it was a bit dry, no jam hit!

  • amedwinj

    Delicious, will definitely be ordering again

  • Sarah Gardella

    Not quite the same as a fat doughnut laden is sugar, but a good low calorie compromise for a sweet fix

  • Alice Girling

    Not so keen on these as were a little dry but will try them again and pop them in the microwave for a second

  • beckyvardy

    These are so yummy, eating healthy has never been so easy. Thanks for bringing these little gems into my life!

  • ruhenaali

    So yummy and healthy too!

  • Clare Chapman

    Not what you would expect from a low cal treat! The doughnut texture was not what I expected, but they were soft and had a great flavour. Will definitely order them again. Looking forward to trying the other flavours when they are back in stock

  • Hollie Holmes

    Not my favourite. I thought they were quite dry. But tasted nice.

  • grotbags5

    They were a little dry for me but the rest of my family really enjoyed them said they are delicious. Ideal if your on a diet or cutting down to hit that sweet spot just the right size

  • Amber Hutchinson

    For a previous lover of jam donuts, now to a strict eater- these are perfect! Even nice with a few seconds in the microwave!

  • wprentice12

    When you open the box you’ve got to eat them all as they are so good

  • amy.dorn

    These were quite dry, but the flavour was quite lovely

  • Leena Elharm

    Deffo recommend heating them up in the microwave for a couple of seconds! Love them!!!

  • maria_ogunyale

    So lovely, full of jam!

  • girl.gypsy40

    delicious ,i am on a slimming world plan so having a doughnut that is not a lot of syns means i dont miss out on the things i love

  • Carolyn Reynolds

    Tasty but best eaten as soon as possible as I left a couple in the fridge for a few days and they were a little bit dry. Great syn value though.

  • Sarah Roake

    My first time ordering from Skinny Bakery and I wasn’t disappointed. I love doughnuts and these are a lovely little treat without the guilt factor. Will definitely have these again.

  • manukones

    I usually don’t like doughnuts because they are too sweet. So gave these a try and they are soo delicious. Just love them.

  • ruhenaali

    These were lovely, not too small, not too big or sugary. Would buy again

  • karriekaren1966

    Wasn’t too keen on these, found them a little dry.

  • Becki Marshall

    Don’t usually like donuts but took a shot on these and absolutely paid off! The dough for me is just the right balance and the strawberry is really nice. Will look to try the other donut flavours next time

  • Lucy Hawthorne

    Great little doughnuts. Really hit the spot

  • AlexandraRH

    I loved these! Just enough to satisfy that sweet craving.

  • Nicola Tomkinson

    One of my favourite skinny bakery lines, although I have to add, all of there cakes are fantastic. Gorgeous sponge, sweet delicious jam. Just the sweet treat you need when you want to indulge in something naughty but be good at the same time.

  • iqbal_nadia

    Tasty enough to eat but drier than expected (not like the pearls at all) Wouldn’t purchase again.

  • dayallanroy

    These are absolutely fantastic. Great taste especially for a low calorie product.

  • hennekec1467

    Yummy, but as others have said, best not kept in the fridge as they go stale quite quickly. However, the combination of jam and cake doughnut feels a lot more indulgent than they really are.

  • Mellyt

    Absolutely love these, moist, jammy and just enough to beat a craving

  • sharont30

    Lovely mini doughnuts like the real thing great as a little treat

  • Kara Ward

    Tasted nice but too doughy and not enough jam, plus you get less in a packet than the pearls. Not as good as other products

  • Ben Barnes

    Very yummy and tasty.

  • cjmoors01

    Taste really good, quite doughy though. Definitely best kept in the cupboard and not the fridge.

  • albiismaili22

    My favourite ❤

  • emma.a1980

    I haven’t eaten a doughnut in such a long time. These were lovely.

  • Michaeleagh Love


  • skydreamerstar

    Kinda disappointed by these. Taste wasn’t awful and jam was nice but it was kinda dry and the texture was off.

    Compared to the rest of the cakes they weren’t that good.

  • amber_emerson

    Really tasty and have loads of jam. Would be better if the dough was lighter and fluffier

  • Amy Beacham

    Tasty and good amount of jam. Would be 5* if dough was lighter as they are a little hard.

  • Laura Rodger

    These are my favourite of the 3 flavour of doughnuts, nice amount of jam, not fluffy as a normal doughnut but I really enjoyed them!

  • Victoria Blanchard

    Good amount of Jam inside. Nice flavour but texture is harder compared to normal doughnuts. Great option when dieting.

  • margaret.bailey4

    Love it and I will order it again

  • Perrie Winter

    These are lovely – nice flavour and although not the texture you expect, still very good. Only downer was only having 2 each!

  • Amy Fletcher

    Loved these. Felt so much naughtier! So lovely to have a treat that doesn’t feel like a low cal option.

  • Kerri Enderby

    Really dry not as good as the other products they sell

  • Katie Ward

    A lovely little treat which tastes great. Much better eaten at room temperature so I kept mine in the fridge and brought out one to come to room temp. Texture is dense but ok and much better than eating a full fat doughnut!

  • Marie Barnett

    Absolutely amazing! Just what I was hoping they would be. Small but definitely sweet enough to satisfy the sweet cravings!! Will be buying again!

  • Karen Merchant

    Absolutely love these! Took them out of the freezer and they defrosted very quickly. The jam is delicious. I may even prefer these to “normal” doughnuts

  • Mellissa Pagett

    Amazing will order them again

  • becca_fox

    Yum yum yum… these are delicious, donut taste and consistency with a delicious jam centre. 😋

  • Jennifer Griffin

    Lovely flavour, quite dense as we kept them in the fridge. Next time will store at an ambient temp.

  • Jeremy Watt

    Fabulous! Not too big but not too small and full of moist, rich flavour. Adapted skinny bakery skinny tiramisu recipe to make a skinny strawberry sundae with doughnuts, quark, fresh strawberries and flaked chocolate. Another favourite healthy and tasty dessert courtesy of The Skinny Bakery – thank you.

  • vonnie

    These are lovely, a bit firmer than supermarket versions and not so sickly sweet.

  • Amy Irshad

    I love these doughnuts! I think the texture is comparable to a normal doughnut, but the guilt is much less 😊

  • abbyjh98

    Delicious. A little bit firm but very nice with light chocolate mouse. Ordering again!

  • Mellyt

    absolutely scrumpy!!

  • Catherine Lindup

    I can’t fault these

  • Helan Trisorio

    These are great, perfect with coffee in a morning!

  • mrsjocraven

    I’ve been waiting for these to come back into stock and they were worth the wait! Plenty jam to feel like a treat and they tasted like regular donuts to me.

  • wizzybean

    Like others, I put these in the fridge with the rest of my cakes and they were a bit soggy. They were quite heavy but had a really nice donut-y taste.

  • mumof2pg

    What a great treat! Love how much jam you get in them as well. YUM!

  • Beryl Audreu

    Been in the waiting list for few weeks and this is the first one that I tried once I receive the package and its do good!!!!
    Its as tasty as normal doughnuts and still taste fresh even after spent a night in the fridge

  • lyn Jewkes

    I absolutely love these so tasty.

  • Holly Craft

    These are delicious, they taste great!

  • Donna Broadway

    They tasted ok, a bit more cakey than a doughnut

  • Mellyt

    Was really surprised with these doughnuts after reading a few reviews but they were lovely and fewer calories is always a bonus!!!

  • lisablack84

    Love them taste great

  • paulinet

    An interesting take on the doughnut, without the usual excess fat and sugar. Not quite a doughnut experience, but tasty.

  • Katherine Ahluwalia

    The texture obviously isn’t quite the same as a regular doughnuts but they were still incredibly tasty. And great to be able to have a doughnut equivalent with so few calories!

  • Julie Stanton

    I love these, not quite the same as regular doughnuts but very close. So nice to have a low calorie treat. Highly recommend these!

  • iamloz79

    They were nice, but not nearly as nice as the rest of what I ordered. These are a bit dry, and you don’t get as many in the pack.

  • Colin Miller

    Very delicious and very like the unhealthy doughnuts will definitely order again 😀😀

  • save.the.cheerleader

    These are lovely and are just like jam doughnuts. They’re very Moreish.

  • Berenice Keating

    Very yummy but a little harder than a normal doughnut. Would buy again 😍

  • vivienne aspinall

    Lovely as im doing slimmingworld I was looking for low syn cake alternatives now I dont need to. These remind me of the supermarket mini doughnuts.

  • katsie86

    Yummy for the whole family!

  • julie.pool

    Very nice and light

  • natalie.bailey1

    Very tasty just needed a tiny bit more filling for my liking but would buy again!

  • zoemole09

    Taste great! My fave is white choc but these are really tasty too.

  • jade_gerrard

    Another favourite of mine. Although my children ate most of them haa. They really liked them

  • Helen Moore

    Absolutely delicious little morsels! You wouldn’t believe they were low fat. Good jam content. Only wish they were bigger! Great for that sweet treat when you’re on a diet.

  • Emilie Hardcastle

    these taste amazing, perfect low calorie choice!!

  • louiseorme1

    Perfect low calorie treat

  • lerebourshelen

    These are super yummy, they were in my first order. ill defo be ordering again!!

  • Lizzie Poole

    Yummy! These felt so naughty but didn’t blow all my syns for the day! Winning!

  • Lisa Branscombe

    These are a brilliant little treat and defrost really well without it impacting the taste or flavour!

  • Kirsty Menday

    You would not know this wasn’t a normal jam doughnut it is amazing

  • Faye Vincent

    I did enjoy these and would definitely repurchase. However, the jam was more of a liquid than would be expected.

  • Ashley McNamee

    Lovely wee treats…my kids loved them too! Hard not to stop at 1

  • katie sparkes

    I’ll be honest I was very dubious about trying these but wow so tasty I polished off then all in one go.

  • chelseyhughes204

    Low cal makes them a perfect treat, super yum even my kids liked them xx

  • tanya85smith

    I’m a huge doughnut fan, but currently on slimming world, I come across this company and so glad I have, the doughnuts are amazing and less syns to, so I really can have my cake and eat it in a healthy way.

  • alana_polo

    These were a hit in our household with my little boy he loved them, I really liked how the jam tasted. It tasted more like a fresh made jam rather than a cheap jam!

  • victoriafowler1616

    These were ok , but jam was a little artificial tasting , mixed with a yoghurt or low fat custard made them
    Much nicer ,

  • annepatjeff

    I love these donuts perfect with low low syn value

  • marie price

    These again was amazing I cannot fault them in anyway just so delicious

  • rhianwilliams2

    Great if you need a quick sweet treat fix. Dough is good, but was not so keen on the jam filling.

  • Melissa Buckley


  • alouisehubbard

    For a low calorie doughnut these are delish!!

  • Tatham, Zoe

    These were ok but a bit dry

  • Claire Boyle

    THESE ARE AMAZING! I could eat a whole box in one go (and if I did, that would still be less calories that 1 regular jam doughnut from anywhere else! Wow.
    You can taste how fresh they are too which I love! 10/10 !!

  • Samm Jakes

    Really enjoyed these! Nice and tasty!

  • misswyatt81

    Yum yum yum I love a jammy doughnut and these are kinder to my waistline. Delicious

  • kirsty14con

    The jam is incredible in them, the right amount of sweet and tart!!

  • mariajattridge

    Love these just like strawberry doughnuts with less surger and they taste lovely

  • Anne-Marie Lowe

    These were just like eating normal ones, very tasty 😁

  • krystal_hayes-3337

    Tasty but the powder sugar had come off them on arrival

  • bailey6896

    These are amazing, so yummy ! 2 syns a donut is so worth it for me on slimming worls finally a cake that is low on syns I cannot wait to order more!!!

  • Hannah Morgan

    Sweet and tasty, texture not identical to a “normal” doughnut but pretty close! Lovely and soft, jam could be a tiny bit sweeter and a bit more of it but for so few calories, it’s fantastic. Will make sure not to put them in the fridge next time as well!

  • sikuciits

    Can’t believe how tasty they are and so few calories! 😍

  • laurayates2307

    Really enjoyed them, very tasty.

  • julie.pool

    These were very tasty

  • Faye Harrison

    These are so similar to standard jam donuts it’s great! Only thing I would ask for is slightly more jam, otherwise they hit the spot and I cannot believe how low cal they are for the taste! Yum!

  • s_allen99

    Absolutely delish! I unfortunately pit ours in the fridge with the other cakes as I didn’t read that these could be kept in a cool dry place! But still very moorish! Will be buying again!

  • Alison Campbell

    These are quite simply delicious. There is no more to be said…except buy some!!

  • Jade F

    Honestly honestly honestly my favourite from skinny bakery. I actually think these taste better than original strawberry doughnuts!!! Highly recommend!!!!!

  • Yvette

    Very nice donut with a good amount of filling. I personally love a jam donut but was unable to indulge on my diet. Finding these helped me satisfy my craving for such a low amount of calories. I found them to be a little on the sweet side however they are still very tasty!

  • Gillian Jackson

    I regularly order these delicious jam doughnuts, they are my saviour sweet treat to eat whilst losing weight. Some reviews made me a little sceptical before I bought them, with some complaining that they’re not like a real jam doughnut. If you want a full size jam doughnut then get one but if you want a moist, sweet and jammy treat that fits in with a healthy lifestyle these are perfect and I highly recommend them!

  • Gemma Whittaker

    These along with the white chocolate ones are by far my favourite, they dont have the texture of a ‘proper’ doughnuts but these are low in fat and low in sugar so they aren’t gonna be exactly the same but definitely sweet enough and if you need a carb kick and sweet kick these should satisfy you.

  • Jody

    I got these aswell as a few other flavours and although they are lovely these really taste like Lemon which is abit disapointing as didn’t expect it! But lovely low calorie treats 🙂

  • Lesley Virgo

    Love these little treats. So morish it’s easy to eat them all in one go

  • Jade Broadley

    These were absolutely amazing and the macro information provided on the pack was really useful when scanning the barcode and putting it them into my fitness pal.

  • clareharrison182010


  • natalie.blyton

    These are great for a low syn/cal treat, loved how sticky they are, feels like a real treat

  • Annette Fenner

    These are delicious and actually quite filling! Its still pretty easy to eat the whole lot though! Agree with the instructions that they are best eaten within 2 days, as they go a bit hard after that. However, 10 seconds in the microwave gives them a new lease of life, and now I think I prefer them warm!

  • Kim grice

    Good that they are low cal/syn! A bit firm but will order again!

  • georgiabarnard

    Amazing 😍 I did however put them in the fridge with the rest of my cakes and first one was a bit soggy !
    Then I realised these ones should be kept in cool dry place.
    Only downfall is you only get 4 when the rest of cakes are 6 ! Glad I bought 2 lots x

  • Zoe Louise Hodge

    Delicious can’t believe there so healthy!

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