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Easily pause or cancel your subscription at any time from within your account. If you’re going away, taking a break or simply wanting to postpone an order, you won’t be charged for further orders from the minute you pause or cancel your subscription.

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Choose a delivery date and delivery cycle that suits you, from fortnightly delivery to delivery every four weeks. Whether you can’t wait for your next delivery or you haven’t managed to get through your current stash, bring forward or postpone your next delivery date from within your account.

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Moving house, taking a trip or wanting to gift your next delivery to a friend? Simply change your address from within your account at any time. Log in to check your delivery address from within your account.

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Wanting to try something new, ditch a flavour or double up on something you loved? Simply log in to your account and amend your flavour combinations. You can add as many products as you like (minimum six) in any combination that suits you.

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(50 customer reviews)

From: £17.82 every 2 weeks

  • Chocolate Pearls (Pack of 5)

    Chocolate Pearls (Pack of 5)

    £3.49 each

    In stock

  • Millionaire's Pearls (Pack of 5)

    Millionaire's Pearls (Pack of 5)

    £3.49 each

    In stock

  • Cookies & Cream Pearls (Pack of 5)

    Cookies & Cream Pearls (Pack of 5)

    £3.49 each

    In stock

  • Carrot Pearls (Pack of 5)

    Carrot Pearls (Pack of 5)

    £3.49 each

    In stock

  • Chocolate Brownies (Pack of 5)

    Chocolate Brownies (Pack of 5)

    £3.49 each

    In stock

  • Red Velvet Pearls (Pack of 5)

    Red Velvet Pearls (Pack of 5)

    £3.49 each

    In stock

  • Banana Pearls (Pack of 5)

    Banana Pearls (Pack of 5)

    £3.49 each

    In stock

  • Double Chocolate Pearls (Pack of 5)

    Double Chocolate Pearls (Pack of 5)

    £3.49 each

    In stock

  • Choc-Orange Pearls (Pack of 5)

    Choc-Orange Pearls (Pack of 5)

    £3.49 each

    In stock

  • Vanilla Pearls (Pack of 5)

    Vanilla Pearls (Pack of 5)

    £3.49 each

    In stock

  • Victoria Pearls (Pack of 5)

    Victoria Pearls (Pack of 5)

    £3.49 each

    In stock

  • Cherry Bakewell Pearls (Pack of 5)

    Cherry Bakewell Pearls (Pack of 5)

    £3.49 each

    In stock

  • Chocolate & Caramel Pearls (Pack of 5)

    Chocolate & Caramel Pearls (Pack of 5)

    £3.49 each

    In stock

  • Blueberry & Vanilla Pearls (Pack of 5)

    Blueberry & Vanilla Pearls (Pack of 5)

    £3.49 each

    In stock

  • Banana & Peanut Butter Pearls (Pack of 5)

    Banana & Peanut Butter Pearls (Pack of 5)

    £3.49 each

    In stock

  • Raspberry & Coconut Pearls (Pack of 5)

    Raspberry & Coconut Pearls (Pack of 5)

    £3.49 each

    In stock

  • Meringue Cookies (Pack of 6)

    Meringue Cookies (Pack of 6)

    £3.49 each

    In stock

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50 reviews for Subscribe & Save

  1. Francesca Noble

    Worth the money. The fact you can freeze them makes it worth while too! Otherwise i’d be eating 30 cakes in 6 days. Great value

  2. Matthew Gingell

    Such a great concept, and really tasty! Thank you for your service!

  3. Louise Poutney

    Better than I expected just the sweet treat that’s needed

  4. Mrs Cossans

    A great box full of goodies each month. My favourite delivery by far. Love that I can change it too. Great work skinny bakery

  5. Christopher Abel

    Great product
    The subscription box gives you a good option to get different flavours to please all the family.

  6. CJM13

    The highlight of my month, every month! So so worth it!

  7. Kevin street

    Fantastic selection of cakes, really tasty and can’t wait for next delivery.

  8. Sarah Halliwell

    Lovely and moist cakes will def be ordering again

  9. lyn Jewkes

    All great tasting will buy again.

  10. Lucy Hawthorne

    Lovely goodie through the door every month.

  11. jdebbie147

    A great box full of goodies and arrived on time, and left exactly where I had suggested if I were not to be in. The items were we packed and even in the box they looked inviting. My taste buds were working over drive in anticipation of what was to come. So excited for the next one, as the first order didn’t last, I will do better this next time, I say hopefully.

  12. Rachel Nicklin

    Great service. Delicious cakes. Love getting my box delivered

  13. Esther Dziewulski

    Love this option ! You still get to pick your favourites but change when you want. Great delivery too, 1 hour window on day, so always know when to be in.

  14. victoria.gadsbypeet

    Excellent will continue to purchase

  15. victoria.gadsbypeet

    Great product will buy again

  16. Nicolette Fitzgerald

    Liked most of the products I ordered, adjusted my next order to try a few other flavours. Red Velvet and Millionaires are my favourite so far. What I was surprised about though was that these are really tiny!! Some of the photos are quite deceptive I think, however they do taste nice, are moist and fulfil a need to have cake when trying to eat more healthily.

  17. James Turner

    Really enjoyed the first lot of my order cant wait for the next lot to arrive

  18. Sarah Henderson

    Absolutely love them. Still have 3 boxes in freezer and already ordered my next set to arrive in two weeks so I don’t run out! Is doing wonders having these small treats on my diet 🙂

  19. Ann Cane

    Quick delivery and lots of options, highly recommend

  20. lyn Jewkes

    Lovely box full of sweet treats without the guilt. Delivered on time. Will definitely buy again

  21. Flavia Richards

    I am always informed on shipping times etc and the cakes are absolutely delicious! I would recommend through and through!

  22. Gemma Goodsman

    Great that you can pause the subscription at any time without having to cancel

  23. Michelle Welch

    I opted for this as I’m a cakeoholic and wanted to try out all the different flavors to see which were my favorite but I found that not all products are available for this subscription box. I feel a little cheated tbh.

  24. Rebecca Sacree

    Fantastic, can’t wait until my next box arrives

  25. David Brickell

    Amazing value, every product just tastes delicious

  26. Christine Robinson

    I love this idea ! Had my first one and wrongly thought I would make them last … there’s no way they lasted with their amazing taste and variety , I could hear them calling me from the kitchen ! 😂

  27. Catherine Roberts

    Lovely choice and at a good price compared to individual items

  28. Reeta Sharma

    Love this ! Although I don’t think one box is enough as I ordered this with 8 treats in, then the other day spotted something else was in stock and had to buy more of everything !!!! I’m hooked!!!

  29. Annabel Leaver

    If you can manage to have one a day, this is a life saver for the month! A pearl really hits a sweet craving and surprisingly doesn’t make you crave sugary rubbish.

  30. Mariana Baquero Triana

    We finished them so fast we had to order a second one for sooner than expected. They were all super tasty.

  31. Julie Stanton

    Love my box of treats arriving!

  32. di2breed

    First box arrived on the day I requested, left where I asked.
    Great service.

  33. Karen Ralph

    Received my 1st box – loved them all – maybe a little too much! They were gone within 3 days!

  34. MIchele Mccaw

    I received my first box the other day and I was not disappointed. I like how you can also change you order so that you can try different flavours.

  35. ruthhunney

    I was delighted to receive my first subscription box and it didn’t disappoint. It is a great way to try a selection of treats at good value. I took some of the boxes into work to enjoy with my work colleagues and tucked into the others at home. I will definitely be ordering again!

  36. Katy Smith

    Loved how quick the delivery was a little issue with DHL dumping it behind my bin! But skinny bakery itself was flawless cakes are delicious can’t wait for my next one!

  37. lynseyshirafkan

    Delicious everyone loved them they were a treat after decorating my bedroom stairs and landing so lovely to see the final result and celebrate with tea and a skinny bakery subscription box . ❤️

  38. Gemma Bullen

    Love the subscription box! Loads of different products to choose from and different flavours. The only issue I had was when I tried to change my flavours it didn’t register so ended up with the same ones again.

  39. paddy.claire

    iv just ordered my first box and cant wait iv tryed from friends and so tasty and great for slimming world

  40. natalie.bailey1

    Fabulous products, great idea for subscription! The packaging was also great! Can’t wait for my next box!

  41. stephscade

    I recently ordered my 1st subscription box and my very 1st order from skinny bakery! The order was sent quickly, arrived on the day I requested and was beautifully packaged. As someone who is doing slimming world, the subscription box was a nice way to try some flavours with a nice discount! I now have a sweet treat, when I need a sugar fix, that isn’t going to screw up my weight loss!!

  42. Lisa Sewell

    Amazing so tasty and really low calorie

  43. Michelle Dolaghan taylor

    Amazing box of goodies, like the way you can change your selection easy so can experiment to see what ones are best for me,speedy delivery 🙂

  44. lucy.gill

    Great box, quick delivery and loving these so far

  45. Angela Porrett

    Couldnt wait for my first box to arrive and I wasn’t disappointed… Lots of treats to help me stay on plan but curb the sweet cravings, delivered straight to my door and a great saving too

  46. Sue Middleton

    Absolutely scrummy 😋
    Great for a sweet tooth when your trying to lose weight x

  47. Rebecca Manders

    Amazing value for money and so easy to change flavours so you’re not stuck having the same cakes each month!

  48. deborah.boyd

    Real value for money! Love them all but the brownie was my fave. Handy with a cuppa

  49. Caroline Drury

    Love all the flavours and are really helping with my diet – they taste amazing!

  50. Leanne Connor

    A great box full of goodies and arrived on time. So excited for the next one!

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