Skinny Christmas Dinner

By Mariella Forte | 25 Nov 2018 | NEWS

You may be thinking, why would anyone want to have a Skinny Christmas dinner? Well, many of us work so hard most of the year to stay on track with our weight goals and over the course of one week – or one meal – we set ourselves back. For some its easy to lose the extra weight and for others its more of a struggle. The average person consumes nearly 6,000 calories on 25th December and over the course of December gains up to 5lbs. I’m not suggesting people deprive themselves of lovely Christmas food, I’m just saying, if we can avoid all 6,000 calories, we should probably try – how much do people even like Christmas cake anyway? Introducing The Skinny Bakery’s Alternative Skinny Christmas menu (Menu 2).

Turkey. It only comes out for Christmas meaning as a nation we clearly don’t love it all that much. However, this lean white meat is a healthy low fat choice compared to other Christmas birds like goose or duck.

Snacks. From oily crisps to cheese straws we go all out with high calorie snacks at Christmas. How many calories would you save if you opted for popped chips and olives – and would you even feel like you were missing out?

Christmas pudding. Another dish that we seem to have a love-hate relationship with which invites some entertaining reactions amongst international people. Perhaps surprisingly high in calories and sugar is the Christmas Pudding, with 345 calories and almost 50% sugar, it probably isn’t what most of us fancy after stuffing ourselves silly with turkey and all the trimmings. Typically topped with brandy butter or cream… Indigestion guaranteed.

Take a look at menu 1, a typical Xmas meal and menu 2 is our Skinny Alternative menu – would you give it a go?